World Class Coaching

Here is a list of some of the best coaches our profession has to offer who are making the world a better place each in his/her own unique way.

Please do not be hesitant to contact them if you want!

Kim Renee Cote
Personal, Professional and Transpersonal Coach

Tia Kelly
New Mums and Teenager Coach
Tia has her heart in working to make the world a better place for women and girls, and she thought what a better place to start than with the consciousness of men. So she also works with men to help them become better stewards of their families, communities and for earth.

Sas Edwards
Language Coach

Stephen Gann
Forward Focus Coaching
“Listening to your Needs, Focusing on your Wants & Guiding you toward your Goals.”
Certified Erickson Coach
Soon to be ACC with the ICF
NLP Certified Practitioner

This is how Steve explains how he helps his clients:
“I work with professionals who feel stuck in a job and yearn for more meaningful and fulfilling careers. By unlocking one’s definitions of ‘meaningful and fulfilling’, MY clients will discover what their ideal career should be, thus gaining the confidence and motivation to strive toward their goal.
I provide support, guidance and confidence for new and emerging writers who feel they have a book inside themselves just waiting to be released. Our work revolves around maintaining the motivation to see themselves through to completion. Unless requested, we’ll work from a non-critique point of view – leaving the creativity to the client and working around conceptual ideology.
I assist athletes (mainly baseball) in building confidence through managing their high performance ‘states of being’. Most of this work centers around NLP and helps the athlete learn and discover their ideal state in order to maximize performance. This also works very well within corporations at the executive levels. Stress is relieved by knowing and understanding the state of being needed to function at the highest levels of a corporation.”

Denise Mock
Life Coach/ Marketing Coach
Specialized in helping small businesses create exceptional customer service.