How to use


All the ‘programs’ are part of the Tamkeen Strategy, and to get the maximum benefit of it, you should go through them in the right order.

First, Own ‘All’ of ‘You’ will help you understand how your brain and your mind work and how to claim control over them and make them work for you instead of against you.

It is important to achieve Brain Integration to get the benefit of all 3 brain systems in order to optimize your thinking process.

Second, Healthy You -although very useful for those who wish to lose weight and live a healthy life- the tips mentioned are meant to give your brain the nutrients it needs to help you get the best out of it.

Third, Meditation in Islam is all about using our spiritual practices ‘عبادات” to get the maximum potential of both your brain and your mind, and you will find great ways to enter a positive mental state to achieve clarity of thought and enhance your cognitive skills.

Finding Answers offers the methodology and the basic foundation of the whole entire thinking process.

Going through all of these programs in the right order will enable you make the most out of Tamkeen Strategy Insha’Allah.

Remember, it is a long process, never lose heart and trust your brain/ mind and really believe in yourself, but put ALL your faith in God!!!!