A close Up

A Close up on the Formula of Tamkeen

Mastery (Tamkeen) is not Success.

Success is playing a Game invented by others. Learning the ‘How To’, following the rules and modeling their example.
Then measuring your performance according to their criteria. If you meet up their expectations in tracking the pre-set path, you succeed. Hopefully!
Mastery, on the other hand is being smart in choosing the ‘Game’ you want to play, or even better, inventing your Own Game, play it wholeheartedly and answering to no one!
The very minute a Game is formulated inside your heart, you become Master of the Game.
Excellence then becomes attainable.
Mastery is Excellence With Ease!
I have developed a formula for Tamkeen; every variable is significant and should not be ignored, and ought to be present in a very specific ratio creating the desired balance!


Stating the obvious, am I not! 🙂

But the truth is; it is not that simple.
We have been programmed to seek success not Mastery. We have been trained throughout our lives to play others’ games, learn the rules and simply follow.
And we are living in a world where pursuing success no longer leads to excellence!

Let me explain…

People have been convinced (I have no clue who convinced them or how they embraced this conviction) that the path to success is rigid!

It entitled that one should go to school, and be taught everything -I do not necessarily totally disagree- and do well in every subject thrown at him/her (here I start to have some reservations :)), and score high grades in all. Otherwise one would be considered dumb, good for nothing big failure, regardless of one’s own strengths and weaknesses, capabilities, uniqueness and above all preferences!

(If you are reading this and still in school please make sure your parents don’t know about this website!)

Success was to play the game imposed on you by others, work hard, join a big reputable school (medicine or engineering of course), then work in a multinational organisation, and sure you know the rest.

Failing to follow this path or embracing this model would quickly and automatically label you as a big failure.

And since it is indeed impossible -for very scientific biological reasons where DNA plays a good part of it- that all people are capable to achieve this, they (who designed this model of success who I don’t really know who they are) came up with a brilliant motto to convince you that it is possible:

‘You can be anything you want as long as you put some effort into it’

Brilliant, isn’t it?!!

And have you noticed the word some effort ? 🙂

The result was, people learned to abandon their core talents, put their strengths aside, focus on their weaknesses instead (How many times have you heard a parent tell the child you are good at Math, why do you spend so much time studying it, you should be studying Geography instead! And the poor child ended up being average at Math where he could have been a genius, and fairly passed his Geography test)

And when the time came to decide what to do or which school to join, it was based on evaluating the knowledge and the skills people had acquired and accumulated through their miserable years of schooling which were, technically speaking, similar to everybody else!

There was no place for deploying your talent, or performing from strengths, or going through life being who you really are as a unique distinct individual.
It was impossible to bring yourself- your true self- and your unique blueprint to the world. What was needed couldn’t be provided, as simple as that!

This motto had developed three distinct kinds of people:

The first, who this model- luckily- matched their DNA where able to succeed.
The second, those who could not see any other way but to believe in this model and follow its path, who worked really hard and finally had barely made it through, and lived miserably ever after!
The third –the poor free souls- who simply could not bring themselves to comply or mould their true nature into this model.

It is worth mentioning here that there is a fourth type of people who were able to hit the excellence mark and were turned into heroes. Those who denounced this model altogether, who decided not to play this game, but to invent their own game and play it instead, wholeheartedly! They had been considered miracles or off nature, where the truth is, they were the only ones who worked according to the natural law of being!!!!!

The One and Only Great Model of Excellence of All Times

It is ironic to write The One and Only, but it is indeed the best one and only model the world has ever known.

Examining how our Prophet (pbuh) directed his companions towards Excellence, we clearly notice all the variables of the Tamkeen Formula present and in action; in a very balanced way.

He assigned tasks to his companions according to each one’s very unique blueprint. He took their personal inclinations and preferences into consideration, and he based it all on talent and strengths. Never failed to encourage them exert the effort needed.  And when he urged them to learn a new skill or acquire more knowledge, it was determined by their hardwired strengths. (Which is something that will be further discussed, for there are so many great skills that you may be tempted to learn which may leave you feeling overwhelmed and constantly reminded by your lack and shortcomings, but the key is how to wisely choose among them, for if you make a wrong choice, your hardwired skills and talents could be dramatically and negatively affected!)

This model turned everybody into heroes, who masterfully excelled and managed to accomplish the unthinkable and leave their mark in history by attending to different areas in life in their own way and had gone with the world turned into a better place.

His model was all about bringing the unique blueprint of every one to the table, highlight talent, perform from passion, strengthen strength by learning new things and acquire new skills that will serve you become more of who you already are.

‘Your individuality is the most valuable thing you have’ Martha Beck

And my TAMKEEN Strategy is all about rewiring you to pursue Excellence Masterfully Insha’Allah, and how to achieve the right balance among the different variables that is needed and essential.