What Is Life Coaching


I asked myself a really good question about 6 years ago, ‘what gives me the ultimate pleasure?’ And by pleasure, I didn’t mean happiness nor content or satisfaction. I meant this deep feeling of pleasure that I can carry around, hold onto and walk with for a long time after the stimuli has long been gone.

To answer that I had to really shift my focus within myself, to search my memory, pay attention to my occurring feelings and mental states, and really take notice when it happens.

For me, ultimate pleasure is simply to have a smart, deep, purposeful and meaningful conversation with someone that fires up my mind and keep me on edge. That makes me feel as if I am walking on clouds even when the conversation has ended.

Most of our feelings and emotions are initiated, and sometimes even processed in the heart (and experienced in the area around the heart as well). Except for pleasure, it is a feeling that fires up and experienced solely inside the brain before it is transferred into your whole body which makes my answer not at all surprising!

Life coaching is about having this kind of conversation!

Life coaching is a meaningful conversation between two people; the coach and the client that is inspiring and purposeful.