If You Have It, You Are Meant to Use It!!


For ages people believed in order to be fully human, they should depend solely on the powers of the Verbal Brain. After all it is the logical one, the smart, and certainly the most articulate.
Those who had a natural tendency to go deeper, to live beyond language, to get lost in their own irrational feelings and choose intuition over logic -were first considered evil witches, but after the logical brain had proved that magic did not exist- were simply eyed as poor creatures who deserved our sympathy, and maybe our efforts to plant some logic inside their poor little heads.

But things have changed after science made its declaration that the Non-Verbal Brain actually rocks!

Now we all know that when it comes to real power our mighty Non-Verbal brain with its ability to process over 14 billion bits of information per second rules. And our poor limited Verbal one that only process 4 +/- 2 bits of information per second is losing ground fast.

People have just started to eye it with respect, and now are willing to do anything -logical or not- to compensate for lost times.

The movement is taking over everywhere and everyone is talking about it. A new definition of being fully human is emerging. We are celebrating Our New Powers!

Harness your intelligence with your non verbal brain, shift right, think with your body, free yourself from language, ask your toes how they are doing, let your elbows decide, check with your eyebrows before you quit your job…

And those who are still locked in their logic are considered the poor creatures that need to be rescued from their shallowness; to experience the divinity within.

History is repeating itself only to prove our stupidity!

If you have it, then you are meant to use it.

Sure sometimes your eyebrows really do have something valuable to say about your job. But you still need your language to understand what they are actually saying.

The truth is, your non verbal brain with all its powers can clutter much unneeded information and only your verbal one can sort it all out. It processes everything outside the language and let’s face it, comprehension can only happen in words. And last but not least, taking action is all what really counts when change is inevitable.

Yes, your non verbal brain can certainly help you design your perfect life, but only your verbal one can take you there.
Spending much time in the realm of your non verbal brain, you will become depressed. Relying solely on your verbal one and life will be utterly meaningless

You have both brains, both have distinct abilities. Combine and use; then you will become whole. Then you will become fully human!

Do not shift right, do not shift left. Learn how to change gears when necessary.

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