Life Purpose/ Career Transition Coaching

-If you have an urgent deep strong feeling that you were created for a very specific purpose or mission that will have a huge impact, but have never been able to articulate what that might be,

-If you feel like you have been holding a great significant secret (usually in your mid-section; chest and gut) that you know it is important to share with others, but can never really remember –or know- what that secret is,

-If you sense there are great ideas floating inside your whole being but you are unable to grasp any of them with your own hands,

-If you feel ‘as if’ you are on the stage of life and your turn is getting closer and the curtains are about to be pulled up and you will be called upon soon to play your role, but you have forgotten your lines;

-If you feel you can’t win playing the ‘old game’, and wish to invent a new one that you will enjoy and master instead,

-If you find yourself tired of ‘thinking’ of it all and feeling drained afterwards,

-If ‘I can’t think anymore’ is a statement you often say, know you are not thinking correctly and…


I would truly love to hear from you J

I will help you find meaning and figure things out;

Because ‘Thinking’ when done correctly should be fun and something that your brain will enjoy, and certainly should lead to results!!!!



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