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Welcome to Coaching For Meaning

Do you constantly ask yourself ‘What am I supposed to do with my life? Or what is the best job for me?’ only to find your otherwise chatty opinionated brain turning blank on you and resorting to silence for the first time in ages? Or giving you one of those mostly dreaded “I don’t know” responses? Or maybe even worse, opening up all doors of hell and reminding you how incompetent and useless you are?!!
Do you think you don’t have answers to those kinds of questions?
Would you believe me if I tell you that you actually DO know!
All it takes you to get your brain to cooperate and confess is to ask it the right questions.
And Life Coaching is the Art and Science of Asking Questions.

With the knowledge of how the Brain/Mind work and Neuro-Integral Studies along with the powerful Solution-Focused approach that include Erickson language patterns, whiteboard coaching, NLP tools and Four-Quadrant thinking I will ask you the right questions so you can get the right answers that are meaningful to you and will enable you to take confident steps towards Mastery and Personal Excellence.

I am specilaized in the following types of coaching:

Mental Complexity/ Cultural Change Coaching
Life Purpose Coaching/ Career Transition Coaching
High Performance Coaching/ Leadership Coaching

For other specialities please check my list of other awesome coaches in World Class Coaching section!