My Mission


I have a little story for you. It was written by Mark Twain so you may be familiar with it.

‘A man died and met Saint Peter at Pearl’s Gate. The saint was known to be a very wise man, so the dead man sought the opportunity to ask him one of his very burning questions.

He asked the saint ‘who was the greatest general of all times?’

The saint answered,’ well that is easy, do you see the man over there?’ pointing at someone lying under a tree, ‘that was the greatest general of all times’.

The dead man was surprised; he said ‘but I knew that man, he was no general, he was a common labourer!’

The saint replied.’ That is true, but had he been a general, he would have been the greatest general of all times’’

Everywhere I look around I see clear evidence of the descent of our previously great nation, I see ruin and disgrace, and I see lack and failure to provide.

And one of the main reasons why we have hit rock bottom is because people stopped doing what they are supposed to do and worst of all stopped caring to find out what they are supposed to do!  The indifference, the negativity, the attitude of ‘It is all the same’ and ‘it doesn’t really matter’.

The outcome is no longer a mere feeling of deep un-fulfilment and unhappiness or lack of content and personal satisfaction.

The outcome is a dead nation.

A nation that has all the potential to rise and shine, but just because of the indifference that have been bestowed upon its people and who embraced it willingly and subjectively, we have to face all the harsh facts of living a meaningless life in a meaningless world!

My mission is to help as many people as I can take themselves seriously, and find out what is it exactly they are supposed to do here on earth. To try to prevent people from ending up like the common labourer who could have been the greatest general of all times!

For the sake of the people as individuals, as well as for the sake of the whole nation.

 ‘ ان أريد الا الإصلاح ما استطعت و ما توفيقي الا بالله عليه توكلت و اليه انيب ‘

I only desire reform so far as I am able to the best of my power,my guidance is only from Allah; I rely only upon Him and towards Him only do I incline