• I believe God created every one of us for a very specific reason, every person is meant to accomplish a very specific task here on earth.
  • I truly believe that God lectured each one of us- individually- about what this specific task is, and perhaps the means to accomplish it as well, before we were born!
  • I believe we were born with this knowledge engraved in our whole being; body and soul.

But due to the way we were brought up, and our disgraceful educational system,  a part of our brain locked this information behind closed doors, and assigned another part (also inside your brain) to make sure you never have access!

  • I believe it is hidden in the non-verbal part of the brain, like a locked child that screams to be released every now and then, we can’t really understand what he is trying to say but we can certainly hear the pounding, and sometimes feel it too. (Again, this explains the nagging feeling that we experience from time to time when we think about the whole subject)
  • I believe I know how to help you dive into your non-verbal part of your brain, unlock the door and release the secret, Insha’Allah!
  • I believe it is an uneasy process that may take a very long time (I am not here to give you rosy promises), but it is definitely worth the effort.