My name is Rabab Ghazi. I am an ICF* Certified Professional Solution-Focused Life Coach, and Mental Complexity Expert.

Founder and owner oF Coaching For Meaning and High Performance for Coaching and Consultancy; FZE.

I have developed a complete ACTP Life Coaching Training Program (Integral Change Coaching Model) based on the Middle-Eastern Mental Processing, and in accordance with the ICF Proficiencies and Competencies.

I am specilaized in the following types of coaching:

Mental Complexity/ Cultural Change Coaching

Life Purpose Coaching/ Career Transition Coaching

High Performance Coaching/ Leadership Coaching

I help people tap into all their resources, within as well as without, so they will be better prepared to answer the biggest questions life throws at them.

After spending an awful lot of sleepless nights, trying to figure out who I am and what I am supposed to do, searching for answers to my most burning questions, wondering why I am in this place of not knowing!

Now, full with confidence, I understand how those anguished nights turned out to serve one of my biggest purposes.

I didn’t know that God wanted me to exhaust all ways trying to find answers, to fail so many times to fully investigate what works and what doesn’t in order to have a complete strategy and a clear mind set to help people cross this so familiar state of ‘Not Knowing’ and reach the sweet destination of This Is Why’!!

My “Tamkeen Strategy” is a step by step process to elicit Life Purpose and to help people acknowledge their strengths, find their core talent and realise their passion, and know exactly how to fully utilize them to live a life of contribution and excellence.


*International Coach federation (http://www.coachfederation.org/)